The best Ice therapy machine can help you relieve the pain caused by the injuries, swelling or inflammation. Indeed, instead of using ice packs like the old traditional style, this appliance is more effective and convenient to use since it is supposed to be a better way to increase the speed of your recovery.

However, there is an impressive wide range of the Ice therapy machine on the market today that might make you confused to choose the appropriate one. If that is your concern, here is the list of top 10 best cold therapy machine that we chose after considering a lot of factors.

There are many Ice therapy machine available, each with different characteristics and use cases. We have put together this article to help buyers with their decision. After a thorough examination of many top Ice therapy systems available on the market, we have found some Ice Therapy Machine.

Let’s check it out to discover which one is your best Ice therapy machine.


Name and Features


OSSUR COLD RUSH Ice therapy machine SYSTEM

(Best Budget)


95% Rating


(Best Value)


95% Rating

90% Rating

Our Top Pick

99% Rating

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Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy System Allows Us To Customize The Patent-Pending Programmable Timer You Have Personalized Cooling and Closed Cycle As Advised By Your Doctor;

Never worry about the safety concerns of the unit falling asleep; Our timer will be turned on and off as long as necessary at your scheduled time; It is safe, convenient and effective Ice therapy machine treatment suitable for post-surgery pain relief and ensures relief from any kind of pain day or night; Most contestants don’t have this important feature.

Our double-insuated 9-quart cooling reservoir is large enough to provide several hours of continued cold therapy machine but light enough to carry; Frozen water bottles will fit perfectly;

A load of ice and water will last much longer than other therapy systems; A larger cold reservoir is more ice which means longer pain can provide relief from the cold therapy machine charge. Polar Active Ice Machine provides cooling that will be throughout the night.

Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy System is one of the most popular tools in the market today among the top Ice Therapy machines. In fact, this tool provides a lot of options to choose from depending on each part of your body.

In fact, there are 10 different types of pads that can be especially suitable for each part of your body such as knees, back/buttocks, shoulders, or hands. Of course, it comes with public pads that can be used in different areas in general.

Built to use the systems of this model for any place in your body. So, it is convenient to use it since you just have to choose the appropriate pad and let the machine treat your pain.

This product has a quick leakproof joint tube that can be easily removed at any time while handling it. It has setting controls that are equipped with digital timers and programmable control cycle.

In fact, the setting is capable of setting the duration of treatment between 10 minutes and 990 minutes, which allows you to set the duration of treatment depending on the doctor’s advice. Therefore, it is quite easy to use. The most interesting feature of the Ice Therapy machine is that it provides you with two sizes of cool reservoir which is the holder of the ideal 9 quarts and the optional wheeled 16-quart one.

Based on different demands, you can choose the appropriate size for use. Also, when it is not required to be used as a therapy machine this reservoir can become a cool box where you can keep 6 16-oz frozen water bottles to keep the temperature up. The machine works silently.

The hand or pad is about 1 foot long and the size can be adjusted to the given Velcro. It can cover your entire knee depending on the size; However, cold water will provide 180 degrees instead of just 360 degrees. The bladder is quite heavy, creating trouble filling it, transferring and emptying it. Although this Ice Therapy machine provides pain relief until the mark, the connecting toe is easily leaked and disconnected.

But this machine seems to have low standards since many customers complained that they were in trouble by leaking water from short toe edifies. Also, those foot ergonomics cannot be removed from the unit which can be inconvenient for you to fill water and clean the machine. Also, this tool does not work effectively even after a few uses.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Digital timer
  • Various pads are available in different formats
  • 9 quart coolreservoir
  • There are plenty of options to like.

  • Can be used for any part of your body.

  • Easy to use with digital timers and programmable control cycle.

  • Cool reservoir of size 2.

  • Can be used as a cooler box.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Low quality foot agronomy can be disconnected from the unit.

  • Low durability

Our Top Pick

99% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

ARS AQUA RELIEF SYSTEM is effective for joint and sore muscle pain relieve. Hands and feet (and all other body parts) can be used. Our Aqua Relief system already comes with a universal therapy pad, so you get everything you need for this system! As its name, the ARS Aqua Relief System Hot or Ice Therapy Device allows you to do different treatments than ice therapy machine only.

In fact, the machine has a great visually impaired look in black and light blue. The cool reservoir is quite small which is easy to transport and rein in anywhere in your house. However, this tank has enough capacity to treat your ice and water without filling it many times.

It has quite well-equipped nobs that have made the machine more convenient to use. Specifically, there are 5 built-in program settings (15-minute incrimination) with 2 therapies (hot and cold) to provide you with more options to treat.

This model comes with a universal pad that can be found flexible in many cases where you should treat your body like knees, elbows, hands or waist. It is also designed with the help of an elastic strap to secure the wrap safely.

Also, the product has been provided with an insulating 90000 inches long intake of about 4 inches to deliver. Which helps in providing water and maintaining temperature for a long time.

However, if you need a machine that can provide you with an all-night therapy without water or ice, it’s not a good selection actually, the machine performs decently. Also, the pad is quite small which is suitable for using a large treatment area. In some cases, this pad may have problems leaking.

Aqua Relief Therapy System is a high-performance, easily usable, and high-quality electric powered Ice therapy machine that uses a non-motorized pump to deliver iced water or hot water in a targeted explosion to specific body regions It can provide treatment for hot or cold therapy.

It is designed to be used in the head, the shoulders and limbs including the hands, legs. This model has been designated as aqua relief system (ARS), which has designed, developed and produced pain management technologies.

This designed unit has features of low weight, large quantities of reservoirs weighing less than 7 bounces. This reservoir has an anti-intervention design that discourages the user from opening the water when it is being used for therapy. The reservoir comes with shoulder straps for easy transportation of ice therapy machine.

ARS is designed to provide therapeutic cold or heat therapy for up to 8 hours. This model comes with custom design foot warmers. There is a public therapy pad that can be fitted with other useful devices. There are also patent wraps designed to wrap around the legs and hands. These were to ensure that the water is performed around the joints for the management of maximum joint injury.

However, public therapy pads and patent edits have to be purchased separately from hot/cold machines. The hot water therapy in this unit is suitable for managing pain in the injured, non-inflated body parts.

Tissue inflammation is a contradiction for using hot-water therapy as it always increases the swelling of the tissue and increases the intensity of the pain. In non-inflated injured tissues, hot water therapy improves blood circulation while reducing the intensity of pain.

Usually, these non-inflammatory injuries are usually of chronic injury. Thus, it can be used by athletes plagued by chronic pain caused by constant tissue tear in the ligaments, tends, muscles and other joint connecting tissues.

Similarly, it promotes joint tissue elasticity besides relaxing the spasmodic leg and thigh muscles to the athlete so improves the overall performance of the athlete.

Its heating material comes with a timer, which works as a safety setting that prevents water from overheating. The user can also set the water temperature using the temperature adjusting knock.

There are high and low-temperature settings, the temperature range for heat treatment is 105-120 degrees Fahrenheit, and it allows the therapeutic heat provided by the pump to enter deep into the tissues. The cryotherapy function of this model is made to manage pain in swollen joints, swollen muscles and hard joints.

Similarly, it works well in relieving pain as well as swelling of the tissue during severe injuries. The temperature circumference for cold therapy is 32-105 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, it is unnecessary to provide chronic cryotherapy after being placed in maximum winter, as it can cause a painful condition called a Fraser burn that kill cells constantly and cause permanent vase construction which increases extreme pain due to injury to the tissue.

Also, it is wise to place insulation between the skin and pad/wrap if the ice therapy machine continues for more than 30 minutes. Monitoring blood pressure during therapy is also a good idea, especially in senior patients whose poor temperature control physiology pleases them for long-lasting examples of vessel viscountcies that can increase the cause of injury to already existing tissue.

This machine is effective in the management of diabetic neuropathy and pain cycles. Pain cycle is a slow sore, and low back pain caused by regular stress (or sometimes injury) that causes automatic reactions to the body by hardening the muscles of the back and neck.

It can cause bone replacement of the neck and back joints which can cause damage to the tissues due to muscle protection as well as disrupting blood circulation in this body region. Heat treatment of this unit can easily manage this pain cycle, due to cold legs including diabetic neuropathy and lack of blood supply to the hands.

Ice therapy machine can also be used to manage swellings related to diabetic neuropathy before heat therapy begins. Powered by electric power, this model comes with a high-grade Universal Power Plug that can fit well in a standard piece of power.

Its timer let the water inside the water body heat up for a maximum of 60 minutes before it can employ the automatic shuttle-off process.

  • Small size.

  • It looks good.

  • Easy and convenient to use with setting the knockon on the bess. Universal pad with small elastic straps.

  • Hot and cold which is the performance of 2 types of therapy.

  • Small capacity.

  • Quiet operation.

Our Top Pick

99% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

Of all the Ice therapy machines on our list, the Aura Cold Rush Machine has the most ice-to-water content. It is designed to transfer water from units to minimum heat from moving motors, ensuring strong ice therapy machine.

The brushless motor used in the mechanical system operates silently by easing the rehabilitation process. Cold rush therapy system effectively allows treatment of pain after surgery. It improves joint function by significantly reducing the volatile swelling of joints.

It is a shiny compact machine, weighing just 4.6 pounds. This form factor makes it convenient to carry, store and keep where necessary. The unit has a lid that locks. The lock prevents any unnecessary water shears. It comes with heated walls that help keep the water cool for a long time.

You have the option to adjust cold water to three different levels: cold, A “super” layer in the Ark and beyond. The company is not suggesting leaving machines at super level for too long. This temperature is that if ice therapy machine water is used for an extended period of time, one may have skin damage.

OSSUR COLD RUSH THERAPY MACHINE SYSTEM localization is very effective in reducing pain and swelling. Post operation offers ice-cold relief for discomfort and joint pain, inflammation and reduced tenderness. Improve joint function and quality of life. Ideal for post work out recovery.

The amorphic pads imitate body forms to provide local treatment. Stay still long! The industry has the highest ice-to-water ratio and a design that ensures freedom from cold therapy pain by producing low heat transfer from motor to water. The bucket provides sufficient amount of water and ice for 6 hours of permanent use.

If you want to find the best Ice therapy machine that has compact designs for convenient transportation, then aura cold rush therapy machine system should be your choice, it may be a good choice. Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Like cold therapy system, this product provides you with a lot of design different pads that are suitable for every region of your body.

Hence, it can help you reduce and reduce local pain in your body. Pads are made from soft material that can give you a pleasant experience when using. Also, it comes with elastic straps to keep and keep pads safe for the benefit of the machine and to enhance its function. This tool works quietly since the brushless motor sounds whisper-calm tingly during operating (about 30 decibels).

It is mostly built with the same motor used in compact refrigerators. In this way, the patient may get a suitable rest while undergoing treatment. The machine has been provided with heated long nodes with leak-free couplings to provide you with better performance.

The compatible flowing knock is equipped to make it easier to use With a compact-sized cool reservoir, this model seems to give you up to 6 hours of cold therapy. Of course, it is comfortable to hold the machine because it has a light and built-in handle.

Key points at a glance:

The brushless motor.

Public kaf.

Maximum ice to water ratio.

Compact unit.

Different levels of cold.

  • Light weight.

  • Compact design.

  • Providing lots of soft design pads for each localized pain.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Easy to use and convenient.

  • Can work up to 6 hours.

  •  Low durability

  • Post-scan service does not work well

Our Top Pick

99% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

BELUGAPRO ARCTIC FLOW ice therapy machine SYSTEM is an intuitive programmable timer that let the custom match your preferred or prescribed cold therapy requirements. It has a higher feature than competitors. Reduces and reduces pain due to injury with the help of shoulder surgery and a safe wrap to focus on the field of cooling and compressing.

The Beluga PRO Arctic flow Ice therapy system can attract people who are looking for a Icc therapy machine that is easy and easily usable. In fact, compared to other previous machines, it can help you to get in more affordable pain

Although the ice therapy machine may have less choice of different designed pads for special places, it still gives you the pads you need for places that usually hurt legs, wrists, shoulders or knees. Of course, these pads are soft enough to give you a pleasant experience when using them. It comes with elastic straps to secure pads to enhance better performance.

This product is easy to use as it has advanced programmable settings controls including push buttons and digital timers. So, you can comfortably adjust the set-up and off cycle to adjust to your desired cold therapy. Also, the pump works quite quietly to convert molten ice into constant cold and compressor but still works powerfully. Therefore, it can help you reduce pain, swelling or inflammation.

The ice therapy machine comes with 12 quarts of ice and reservoir steamed by The Igloo Product Interpol. It’s big and quite durable. Also, this holder provides integrated “poring channels” to provide cool temperature for a long period of time with cool riser technology and enhance the effectiveness of the product.

But this problem may be due to leak of water as per some complaints of customers. In fact, you can decide this problem yourself. Moreover, it seems to have quite poor quality and may stop working a few times after use.

  • Affordable prices.

  • General design.

  • Soft convenient pads designed for each local pain.

  • Control advanced programmable settings with digital timers.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Strong motor.

  • Big cool reservoir.

  • Cool inger technology and integrated “poring channels” to enhance its effectiveness.

  • The small problem of leaking.

  • Low durability

Our Top Pick

95% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

After surgery to provide cold, commendable relief for swelling and inflammation, joint pain and workout recovery, is a sustainable base unit at The Ice Therapy Machine in The Hive. Universal cold therapy pads, expanded reach edifice pipes and three protected straps hold six liters of ice water, the therapy machine features five steps of continuous flow of 30 minutes or less for a personal experience.

Designed for the easiest of use, the cooling therapy system is calm, compact and easily portable with an integrated carry handle. The clean base also let it fill easily with marked guides for both ice and water levels. The Live ice therapy machine can win your ticket if you want to find a combo kit that provides an early set of cold therapy tools for treatment.

At affordable prices, the product gives you public large therapy pads that fit your body size to reduce targeted pain. In particular, this pad is capable of using it for legs, shoulders, knees, ankles, hands and buttocks or elbows.

Of course, the pad is made of rim bared cells integrated material which is claimed to have a leek-proof for better stability. It comes with 3 elastic straps to help you keep the pad safe to improve the functionality of the product. It is easy to use the product with control button slot and bright LED display in the water body.

Moreover, the most interesting feature of this machine is that it comes with a clean holder that allows you to easily meet the exact amount of water and ice by following the identified guides. Also, tubes connecting foam-resistance are long which can help the product maintain constant water temperature during the treatment cycle. In fact, these tubes are designed to have very leak-proof.

This model works quietly which allows you to rest while undergoing treatment. It is equipped with 5 continuous flows including a cycle time of 30 minutes or less. You can adjust the treatment time you like. Moreover, the product is light and designed as compact with the agronomic handle for transportation comfort using ice therapy machine.

But the machine doesn’t really work well after a few uses. In fact, as many customers complain, your disconnected foot may fail in the head or performance. Also parts of the machine can be easily broken.

The system has a five foot insulated connecting tube that keeps the water temperature steady throughout the cycle. All connection points have both snap and clip to maintain the leek-proof system. You can easily drain the system by disconnecting lines and rolling water from therapy pads. After that, you can disconnect the toe and also uncut it.

This ice therapy machine comes with an unconditional guarantee of one year, so you can easily turn it over or replace it if an error appears. Flashing the pad’s components a bit, it makes it prone to water leak. Connectors need to be locked securely after each session, or they may leak.

Also, make sure the tubes do not subset in simple and awkward places. And make sure the pad is not too tightly tied around Velcro to provide continuous flow of water.

Key points at a glance:

  • Ice Therapy Unit
  • Universal Therapy Pad
  • Foam-heat note

• Three flexible straps

  • Light weight.

  • Compact design.

  • Flexible large pads for different parts of the body.

  • Easy to use with control button and LED display.

  • It is easy to control the amount of water and ice filled by a clean reservoir.

  • Quiet operation.

  • 5 rate of continuous flow including 30 minutes or less cycle time.

  • Convenient to transfer with the ergonomic handle.

  • Low quality.

  • Does not work effectively after a few uses.

Our Top Pick

95% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

Choose Natural Pain Install Deadly Chemistry – Are you struggling to control your pain after knee surgery? Do you often fight pain and swelling in your knees? With this powerful PHYSIONATURAL ice therapy machine you can avoid dependence on pain-masking drugs.

The physio-natural ice therapy machine is specially developed for post-surgery, drug-free pain relief. Get back to the pain you want to live without! Control the pain, restore the course, and promote real recovery – providing immediate relief from post-operative pain and severe injuries such as spray, strainer and fracture.

Arthritis or excessive use can also be used to relieve chronic joint pain and support rapid recovery from exercise or physical therapy. Cold therapy slows down the flow of blood to an injury point, which removes swelling, discomfort, sores and burning in countless situations, to begin natural relief.

If you’re looking for the best ice therapy machine that has huge capacity for therapy all night, the physio-natural icc therapy machine can meet your needs. Specifically, the machine comes with a 9-quart ice cool reservoir that helps you relieve chronic swelling or inflammation pain without constantly snowing and water enough.

In addition, the walls of this tank are dense lying in a way to keep ice-water temperature snow-water for a long period of time which is believed to last up to 12 hours. Therefore, the machine is able to do therapy for you all night if you need a doctor. This model is equipped with flexible one-size pads that are claimed to fit knees and elbows.

Moreover, the pad is made of smooth shape and dimples to help the machine deliver the best performance to deliver equally of ice water. Of course, the pad has a 3-strap system to keep it safely. The machine also has a 4 inch insulating tube with leek-proof coupling to make the product of better quality.

Yet the physioucharalal ice therapy machine works silently since the word whisper is supposed to be below 40 dB. It is easy to use it with digital screens that allow you to adjust time and temperature for therapy. Specifically, the machine has 4 built-in treatment time programs, which are: 20, 40, 60 minutes and a constant-working setting.

In this way, based on the doctor’s recommendation, you can comfortably choose one that is most suitable for your situation. However, the machine has poor potential which some customers have complained since it may cause water flow. Moreover, it does not last as long as it is supine.

  • Large capacity with large cool reservoirs.

  • Thickly heated wall for good temperature maintenance.

  • A one-size pad flexible to fit the knees and elbows.

  • Quiet operation.

  • 4 Inbuilt treatment time-time programs.

  • Digital screen.

  • There’s a problem with the leakage of water.

  • Low durability.

Our Top Pick

95% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

EVERCRYO COLD THERAPE MACHINE is intended to reduce local pain and swelling after trauma and surgery. Remove postoperative discomfort through ice cooling and reduce joint pain and inflammation.

It is ideal for joint function and improvement of body recovery. The ice therapy machine is designed to carry easy, silent and easy to use and has an integrated handle. The EVERCRYO icc therapy machine is designed to bring in as it has a compact travel size and light weight. So, it may be the best choice for those looking for a small ice therapy machine.

In fact, this model provides you with two options of different styled pads that are specially designed for ankles and knees. So, if you have pain in other places other than those two areas, it may not be appropriate.

Pads are made from soft comfortable nylon fabric softening which gives you a pleasant experience when using. Those pads also come with elastic kafs that can be adjusted to meet your needs like any therapy machine in the market.

This product works quietly which allows you to rest while undergoing treatment The machine has an automatic operating system that can control and adjust air pressure to give you a better performance. In other words, it is equipped with air went AVN and decompression valve to provide you with a good water circulation whenever it operates. Removable toe-toe with coupling makes it easier to use.

The product comes with a large cool tank with heat-retarding function to keep the cool temperature for longer. In fact, although you may have enough ice and water to reduce the frequency of these things being added, the water body is quite small and light which can bring in easily.

In addition to using this ice therapy machine as a therapy machine, this holder can become a cool box to help you keep drinks at cold temperatures on the go. However, it has a weak motor that can affect the performance of the product since you may need gravity to fill the bladder.

  • Compact size

  • Light weight

  • Comfortable nylon fabric pads Elastic cuff.

  • Easy and convenient to use

  • There are few options to choose pads.

  • Weak motor.

Our Top Pick

95% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

COOLMAN COLD THERAPY SYSTEM is used to treat post-surgical and severe injuries to reduce Edina, swelling and pain. It uses a pump to perform continuous cool water on a soft therapy pad, it can provide a few hours of relaxing and gentle cryotherapy, avoiding the difficulty of changing frequent cold packs, reducing the risk of infection from concentrated water in cold packs.

The Solomon Cold Compression Ice Therapy machine is equipped with a high-quality diaphragm pump that provides calm and steady running services. Users in continuous cold therapy will not be bothered by hearing noise; a comfortable and calm environment helps users improve further. This is a very important part for medical equipment to get relief from pain.

The Colman Cold Therapy System is an ice therapy machine that has a clear base to help you fill water and ice easily. In fact, at first glance, this machine looks like a View Ice Therapy machine that will look like a plastic base. In particular, the bucket has a one-quart ice-water capacity that is double-wall insulated to help it maintain water temperature for a long time.

It is quite light and small which can be carried comfortably. Equipped with LED display and push buttons to control and adjust the product more easily. The product comes with public pads that can be flexible to use on knees, ankles, shoulders, arm, elbows or buttocks like different parts of your body.

This pad is made from elastic materials that let the water flow easily and is believed to relieve your localized pain appropriately. Therefore, it is easier and more comfortable to apply to the body than conventional ice packs.

This ice therapy machine works quite calmly with high quality diaphragm pumps. So, this can help your condition improve quickly since you can relax and let this model do its job. Moreover, the machine has different running mode.

5 water flow setting Senate, time settings in a 90-minute range and water temperature settings that can adjust from 41 to 68 degrees. Therefore, you can select the appropriate mode to relieve your pain based on the temperature and flow rate.

  • Light weight.

  • Compact design for transportation comfort.

  • Rich in plastic bases to easily fill water and ice.

  • Quart ice-water double-wall insulator bucket for good performance.

  • Quiet operation

  • High quality diaphram pumps

  • Medium value

  • Short life good.

Our Top Pick

95% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

If you find any of the best cold therapies that give you great treats at affordable prices, you should have the Article Ice Clear Circulating icc therapy machine Kit.

The most outstanding feature of this product is that it comes with 6 cool cubes that allow you to keep in cool water bodies and in the fridge. Therefore, you can always keep enough ice for ice therapy. Moreover, the tank is made from clean isolated material that helps you know when you need to refill the machine.

This ice therapy machine comes with a soft universal pad that can be used flexible to treat local pain in most parts of your body. There are also 3 elastic straps to keep it safely in the right position. This model is small and light which is easy to store and transport. Also, the digital setting control is applied to the product to maintain time and intensity comfort for your treatment.

Also, the cooling system works silently. Connect the pad, and quick lying pain relief! The Archaic ice is sport-related and helps relieve pain, swelling and tenderness as a result of injuries including post-op injuries. It also works well in managing chronic joint pain experienced by arthritis and diabetic patients.

The pad that comes with the unit is large enough to cover the front and sides of the knee. You can also ice the back of the knee very easily. This is because the Velcro strap is industrial grade and quite solid. Will help keep the pad in place. The pipe is not leaked. The process is well-made and couplings are intricately made.

When you need to add more ice or cold water during treatment, the lid opens easily for access. The timer has 15 minutes of incriminated and comes with an auto shaft option that allows you to manage your own treatment better.

The ice therapy machine is quite easy to use and clean because of its small size. The size of the pad allows you to use it for back injuries as well. Built-in LCD screen allows you to control time and temperature You can take your cold water therapy machine anywhere. Use it at home or on the move to relieve targeted relief from pain.

Key points at a glance:

Timer. Auto off.

Universal Long Pad with Velcro.

Compact unit.

  • Small size.

  • Light weight. 6 cold cubes provided.

  • Heat ice basin.

  • Soft universal pads.

  • Digital setting control for convenience.

  • Small capacity.

Our Top Pick

95% Rating

*Don’t forget to check the price on both as they may be running exclusive discounts.

Thermox Hot/Ice therapy machine is another best icc therapy machine that can provide you with 2 types of treatments that are hot and cold therapy.

In fact, the concept and concept of this ice therapy machine is similar to the previous ARS Aqua Relief System Hot or Cold-Water Therapy Device to it has an inbuilt built-in handle of a small size and light weight that is convenient to transport and store at home.

Cool reservoirs are made from thick plastic. Its lid is equipped with a push button to protect and keep water inside the tank without leak. Most interestingly, when this holder is not used, there are small hooks to keep the toe in place.

The universal pad is a larger hot or cold-water therapy device than one of the ARS single-release systems capable of covering areas of greater treatment. It is made from soft ingredients including dimples to create suitable compresses that provide you with better performance.

It has a longer elastic strap to keep the pad safely. Long-waterproof foot ergonomic suss has to have made it more convenient to store for use. The machine is made with only one switch to turn the machine on/off. The ice therapy machine does not have a special setting program that can be disadvantaged for people who need smart functions of the product.

With its capacity, the machine is expected to give you up to 5 hours of treatment. The supply pad will fit different joints and body parts with the straps provided. The unit is 10 “and pad 11” is 12.5 long with 56 toe-toed spheres.

However, the quality of this product seems to be deteriorating, since some consumers have complained that it will have problems or stop working after a few uses.

  • Simple compact design.

  • Light weight. Easy to use and save.

  • Small hooks to keep the toe in the pus.

  • Large Universal Pad. Medium capacity.

  • Long elastic straps.

  • Long-preventing toe-toe spheris.

  • Providing treatment up to 5 hours.

  • Only have an on/off switch.

  • Low durability

ice therapy machine

Caution: How many minutes you need to keep yourself inverted depends on how your physical condition is . So, The suggested inversion time may vary. It is highly recommended that you meet a specialist if you are pregnant or If you experience a sudden head rush.