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Mindfulness meditation for sleep

Mindfulness Meditation; a practice of bringing body and mind together, being concentrated on the ‘now’, on what is being done at the present moment, learning how to let go of negativity, reducing stress, learning to live with discomforts and being peaceful in body and mind, has much to do with the life that we live, the thoughts that we have and the bad times that we go through.

Mindfulness Meditation is not a new practice. Though meditation has ties with different religions in different ways, it is now an established practice for mental health and general well-being and mindfulness meditation for sleep meditation is one of the types of meditation. About 500 million people meditate worldwide.

In ancient times, people used to believe “a physical illness is somehow related to mental illness and mental treatment can cure physical illness”. The ancient thought is true even in the modern age that we are living in.

These days, Life is far more complicated. We have so many problems, we are hungry, we are angry, we are not successful, we are tired, bored of the way things have been, sexually excited, worried, frustrated. The list of the problems we have is like never-ending, it won’t end until we are dead.


Every single problem we have in our life is somehow affected by the way we think and The way we think can be changed if we can have control over our mind If we can be focused on small details of the present time.

Every night, We go to bed but can’t sleep and The reason behind this is we can’t bring “body” and  “mind” together, we don’t feel peaceful in mind and body. “Body” wants to sleep but “mind” is busy thinking about different things. We think about the bill that is yet to be paid, the homework that we have to present in the next class, the relationship that is not doing well, the bad times we went through in the past, the bad times we are going to go through in the future. These thoughts actually result in sleep problems that (MMT) mindfulness meditation for sleep training can deal with.

How to get started?

Mindfulness meditation is not that hard to practice. You can start on your own but if you think you need a guide, you can look for one.

For formal practice

  • Select a quiet environment
  • Sit on something that is flat(It may be your floor) (in a position that comforts you)
  • keep your hands on your thighs
  • Start taking long breaths and try to focus on your breathing as it comes in and as it goes out
  • Try to bring your attention back if your mind wonders
  • Try to notice the thoughts that arise
  • Try to pause for some moments
  • Lift your gaze and try to notice the way your body feels now
  • Decide how you want your days to be
mindfulness meditation for sleep
mindfulness meditation for sleep

Mindfulness meditation in our daily life:

Sometimes, we unconsciously do some strange things. For example,

We go out mistakenly wearing sandals that are not intended to be wearied out of our houses. This is because of mindlessness, because of the lack of mindfulness. Our daily activities provide opportunities to practice mindfulness.

By doing dishes, doing laundry, driving, exercising, brushing our teeth, we can practice mindfulness meditation.

The practice of “mindfulness meditation for sleep” in daily life can more clearly be understood with a supposition.

Suppose you are simply eating something in your home. You have to be fully concentrated on the matter that you are eating something, on every bit of the food that you are taking into your mouth. The color of the food that you have been given.

Taking the food  into your mouth, Chewing the food and Testing the food-

You have to do everything consciously. You have to make it sure that your mind is so busy with the matter that you are eating that other thoughts can’t get in your mind.


The same rule works in the case of a sound sleep.

Very naturally, we get all of our problems into our heads when we go to bed to sleep. The problems are like popping up one after another. The fight between “what I am doing”  and “what I am supposed to do”, “what I am” and “What I am supposed to be”  seems to be never-ending at this time.


To start getting rid of this never-ending fight,

Just take some time, close your eyes, take a long breath, feel the power you have inside, feel air moving in and out of your body, start accepting what you are, stop blaming yourself for what you are not, start forgiving people unconditionally, start forgiving yourself. Focus on the matter that you want to sleep now, that you need to sleep now, that you are far beyond all the worldly problems. Let every part of your body be the way it is comfortable with. Try to calm down …calm down … calm down. Try to feel that you are about to be asleep…mindfulness meditation for sleep.


7 Benefits of MMT that, in one way or another, have an effect on our sleep:

1. Helps to have a peaceful mind that is the key to a peaceful sleep:

Mindfulness meditation is all about focusing on the present moment not on what happened and what will happen. When we will be able to have our concentration on the present moment, our mind will not have that much time to think necessarily and our being able to stop thinking about what happened and what will happen will result in a peaceful mind.

2. Increases the possibility of being successful:

MMT makes us more concentrated on what we are doing right now. More concentration is equal to more possibility of success and success is what works as one of the main working forces behind a peaceful mind that plays a key role in the case of a sound sleep. Mindfulness meditation for sleep.

3. Helps to think positively:

No matter where we are in our life, the power of our positive thoughts must have an effect on the aspect of our life. By practicing mindfulness meditation, We don’t empty our mind, Instead, we become an observer of the mind’s activity.

4. Makes us believe that what we have done is the best that we can do:

By practicing mindfulness meditation for sleep, We get more concentrated on what we do and our concentration ensures us of our trying the best. Thus, MMT  helps us to stop blaming ourselves for our previous mistakes that are one of the obstacles that stop us from sleeping a peaceful sleep.

5. Grows in us the ability to find what is right among things that may be going wrong:

The ability to find what is right among things that may be going wrong comes from feeling confident and feeling confident is the result of being centered around the present. MMT teaches us to be focused on the ‘now’  and by being focused on the present time, we will highly likely be able to find what is right among things that may be going wrong.

6. Improves our self-control:

By making us more focused on the different aspects of life. MMT improves our self-control/ A study found that people who smoked were able to cut down on their smoking after taking up mindfulness meditation training.

With making us focused on the present time, MMT helps us to be aware of their eating-related impulses at the moment and of the sensation of every bite.

7. Brings inner Peace:

By increasing levels of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein that protects nerve cell health and helps regulate metabolic processes. Mindfulness meditation for sleep stress resilience and thus increases inner peace.

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Mindfulness meditation is not something magical. It’s a practice. The more you practice it, the more effective It is on you.

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