Causes of Pain in Back of head and neck, treatment

Many people are suffering from neck and back pain these days because most offices are meant to be in front of computers and working for hours. And when you go to the doctor with back pain in the neck, it is known that the main cause of this pain is cervical spondylosis.

Spinal cord loss is called spondylosis and spinal cord damage is called cervical spondylosis. Our spine is formed with bones, muscles, bones, etc.

Cervical spondylosis is an age-old disease. The change in spondylosis begins after the age of 40, although in some cases it begins before the bone loss. Both men and women can be infected with the disease.

Usually, people in professions who work at risk on the neck are more likely to get the disease. For example, executives who work at the chair table, working on computers, etc. The professions that are neck-shaking, such as the profession sit on the motorcycle or the bike. Patients have a history of neck injuries in many cases.

The symptoms of the disease

The symptoms of the disease are that neck pain can sometimes spread from shoulder to shoulder to upper back, chest, back or arm. The pressure on the nerve or nerve that comes down from the neck can cause pain in the hands.

The most serious aspect of the disease is if the spinal cord is under pressure. Weakness in the hands and feet can be difficult to walk. The toilet can be closed, pain, etc.

If the disease is infected, it is painful to move the neck. It’s a problem to move your right left neck. He is a man who has a neck and a jam. With pain, pain in the arm, with a tingling sensation in the arm, a headache, a feeling of depression, a feeling of needle-splitting, difficulty working with the hand.

Symptoms (Pain in back of head and neck):

Pressing the neck, back and arm can cause pain. The normal movement of the neck is interrupted.
Other tests: blood glucose, urine routine test.
Special tests: – Neck MRI, electromyography.

1) Medicines – pain medication, muscle relaxant, anxiety reduction medication.
2) Physiotherapy – Surgical traction, short wave diathermy, massage, Transkitenius electric nerve stimulation.

The advice in this case:
1. You have to sleep on a pillow on a hard bed.
2. You need to put a pillow under your neck while sleeping.
3. If necessary, drag the sand down and lower the neck or use low-altitude sand.
4. You can’t work long before you risk your neck.
5. Place the chair table in the workplace so that you don’t have to work without bending your neck.
6. If the pain is too much, you can give a slight warm-up to the neck. 7. This time, the neck will be very comfortable.
8. Cervical collars will be used according to the doctor’s advice.

Relationship between head and head 

Pain in Back of head and neck

Headaches are caused by a number of causes, about 50% of which are because doctors cannot diagnose such a problem called sputum, migraine. That means about 40-50 percent of the headaches are migraines and the cause of the problem is not yet known. Migraine is usually more common in the age group. High blood pressure does not usually cause any symptoms at the initial stage, so for a long time, hypertension remains unknown to many patients.

Many people don’t realize that they are suffering from high blood pressure. This is how many people can do all sorts of activities with years of uncontrolled blood pressure. If high blood pressure is not controlled, your heart will have to pump blood by spending more energy.

In order to adapt to more work, the natural routine increases the heart’s cholesterol. This is called heart fat, heart fat, heart wall fat. If this condition continues, the heart fails to function more after reaching a certain level. At the same time, such patients are suffering from a number of problems, such as chest pain, stomach pain, severe abdominal pain, some with hard work or breathing problems, including swelling of their feet, stomach swelling, gas, nausea, dyspepsia. It is etc.

So it is shown that the symptoms of the disease are manifested after the heart damage without the high blood pressure. So many people call high blood pressure a silent killer. High blood pressure causes some symptoms such as discomfort, lack of sleep, lack of cold and heat, and some causing neck pain. However, such symptoms can be observed only in people with 10% high blood pressure.

Most importantly, if you are suffering from severe pain like severe abdominal pain, hand and foot pain, headache, etc., your blood pressure may increase temporarily. If the pressure is measured more often, it is not accurate that the pressure is causing headaches or neck pain. Because Pain can also increase pressure.

Sometimes both increased blood pressure and headache sedation are linked to stress, but insomnia is also linked to this. The increase in blood pressure is not correct when it comes to hypertension with neck and neck pain. You need to know if you have a bone disorder in the neck.

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Pain in Back of head and neck

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