How to stop period pain forever | Best Tips period pain remedies

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12 Best Tips for Period Pain Remedies

What is the period?
Every lunar month, the hormonal effect of the female uterine cycle changes and the blood and the uterine part are removed from the vagina. During the menstrual period, there may be abdominal pain, back pain, vomiting. And this monthly cycle is every month. This is the period pain remedies.

Many people today experience multiple accessories problems during the period. What happens most often is a pain in the abdomen. Many people try to reduce pain by eating a painkiller without consulting a doctor to relieve severe pain. Doctors have asked for a change in lifestyle without taking pain medication. There are some foods that reduce the pain of the period by eating regularly.

It’s more about schoolgirls. So, you can give a thought to this before your parents or family members. The school book says monthly. So, if the teachers in the classroom discuss openly, fear and confusion will be reduced. Exercise, nutritious food, stress-free and menstrual hygiene can help to reduce this problem.

Hormone problems, stress, unemployment, chocolate cysts in the ovaries, pelvic inflammatory diseases, uterine tumors, and congenital uterine problems can cause Period pain.

period painPain is so much more often than the patient is very upset. Some may have headaches, headaches or vomiting.

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Some of the food and methods are found in the Blog.

Lavender Oil:
During the pain of the period pain remedies, mash a few drops of lavender oil in the stomach. It will reduce your pain in 10-15 minutes.

Hot water sludge:
You can also use hot water to relieve stomach pain. You can also use hot water bags. This will reduce your pain a lot. You can also take a bath in hot water.
So leave the lavender flower pot in the hot water in the bathtub. Take a bath of 20 mins in the bathtub, which will not only reduce stomach pain but also relieve the pain of the stomach.

Belly Massage:
Now take the sand and bend it down on your knees and massage it on the stomach and navel.

Aromatic therapy:
Many people know the benefits of rose flower oil in monthly pain. It will gradually relieve the feeling of vomiting and improve the mood because it is not necessary to say that the mood is in a state of distress during or after the period of the period due to hormonal problems.

Ginger is a very useful period to prevent pain. Drinking ginger tea is a good time to get a good deal. You can also drink some of the ginger in hot water and drink it three or four times a day with honey and sugar.

Like babysitting Now put your forehead on the floor, with the buttocks at the ankle And straighten the hands in front of the hands for 5 seconds Doing so a few times will make the whole body feel more comfortable.

Remove magnesium deficiency:
The lack of magnesium in the body can also cause various pains, so you can eat bananas, sunflower seeds and noodles with herbs to meet the magnesium deficiency.

It is very effective to eat a Papaya to reduce pain in the period. You can Papaya eat regular raw peppers during the period. Raw owls reduce pain in the period pain remedies.

Strike or ‘Johannes Kraut’:
Horti, which is called Johannes kraut, can drink pudina leaves or Ginger tea in two afternoons. This will reduce the body’s mage-like appearance and lighten the body, suggests the doctor dr. York Grunwald.

Alvera Ross:
Mix honey with Alvera juice and make a juice. Drink it during the pain of the period. Drink it several times a day. This drink will reduce pain.

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Shortcut to do for Period Pain Remedies:

*Hot water in the stomach.

* Vitamin E, B1, B6, C. For example, the foods that are used to reduce muscle contractions will reduce pain.

* If you sit for 20-24 minutes, you will be able to sit in hot water. *Body Massage

* Excessive pain can lead to pain reduction medications, hormonal medications and sometimes uterine or ovary surgery.

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Things that should be the food for Period Pain

Milk, cheese or yogurt:
Dairy products like milk, cheese or dairy are consumed in large quantities during the period of the period pain remedies, and certain hormones are so high that it is not necessary to release the physical pain levels. So it is advisable to avoid milk and food as much as possible.

Junk food:
Junk food is not good for the body. And eating this food is more dangerous. During the period of the period, the body was severely damaged by eating Freud.

Foods that contain excess salt during the period, such as French fries, are used to make changes in the body, which can lead to increased pain during the period. So eat as little salt as possible at this particular time of the month.

During the period of the period, the risk of physical problems increases. Some of the ingredients present in the body are also affected by the disease.

Empty stomach:
You don’t have to be in the stomach at all during the period. As energy is lost in the current period, it is important to eat properly to meet this shortage.

Cold Drink:
Don’t eat cold drinks at the time of the period. Multiple studies have shown that during this time, the blood in the uterine wall is reduced by drinking these kinds of drinks. If this happens, the risk of cancer increases by a number of times after 5-10 years.

Night wakes up:
At this time, the body’s ability to function is completely reduced when it wakes up at night. The risk of getting sick increases. Not only that, but the lack of sleep increases the fatigue and daily work is also disrupted. So the period of the period will not be night.

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Important Notes For Period Pain

Don’t forget to change the pad every 3-4 hours to avoid infection during the period! Many people wear the same pad all day, as it should not be done.

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