Shoulder Muscle Pain | 10 best tips for Muscle Pain

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Shoulder Muscle Pain inflammation and the following:

Often the patient says, “Doctor, I can’t lift my hands or raise my hands. Even if you raise your hands up, you cannot hold it and suddenly fall down.” No one can understand this experience except the victims. There are four important muscles on the shoulder. The muscles and their tendons are called rotator cuffs together. The rotator covers the shoulder joint. For this shoulder muscle pain.

The rotator helps to keep the upper end of the arm bone in the joint (humeral head) and helps in the daily work of the hand by providing a variety of movements. The shoulder joints have the most movement in different body pairs and the rotator cuff plays a vital role. Inflammation is a major problem in various muscle problems. Both muscles and tendons are inflamed. However, if tendon inflammation persists for a long time, the muscles and tendons become stiff or stiff; As a result, the muscles cannot function properly.


Causes of muscle inflammation in the shoulder:

1. Muscle trauma, joint display, and bone fractures can cause inflammation.

2. If you get a straight shoulder injury or a bruise on your shoulder.

3. Calcium in the muscle or tendon causes inflammation (calcific tendinitis).

4. Excessive muscle use for a long time.

5. Repeat work like tennis, weightlifting, and baseball.

6. Inflammation for osteoarthritis is usually 40 years.

7. 30 years of age, muscle mass is more likely to be inflamed.

8. If broken bones are not properly joined, the muscles are inflamed and inflamed.

9. Inflammation is caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, and category arthritis.

10. The number of people who have been in Joint infection (septic arthritis).

11. The number of people who have been in Diabetes and other endocrine problems.

12. Barsa inflammation (bursitis).

Symptoms of shoulder muscles and tendon inflammation:

1. Pain is the first symptom of a disbelieving inflammation of the shoulder muscles or rotator. Pain is usually felt on the shoulder and on the arm. Sometimes the pain goes to the elbow. “shoulder muscle pain”

2. The shoulder swells, red and the pain is felt when touched or moved.

3. It is painful to lift your hands up or not to lift up.

4. It hurts to lower the hand.

5. Sometimes the hands cannot hold up and suddenly fall down.

6. You cannot lift weights with your hands.

7. Sleeping on the shoulder can cause pain or pain.

8. It is very difficult to get back to the pain and muscle weakness, scratching your head with a chin, putting a button on your shirt, etc.

9. Kryptos or crackling is felt in a certain movement on the shoulder.

10. The number of people who have been in Repeated work, or overhead, is a long-term inflammation. Pain is minor at first and then it increases and then it is also painful while resting.

11. The number of people who have been in If the shoulder is not treated for long periods of time, the shoulder muscles dry up and the muscles weaken, the shoulders become stiff or freeze and joint.



Treatment of shoulder muscle inflammation depends on the cause of inflammation and the severity of the shoulder. In most cases, inflammation and small injuries or tear therapy are good for the treatment of the condition. If there is a prolonged inflammation, surgical treatment is required if there is a large number of injuries or other symptoms. However, to accurately diagnose and diagnose the causes of inflammation, the patient needs a thorough examination and some laboratory tests. For shoulder muscle pain.


1. X-ray.

2. Ultrasonography.

3. M, R, I.

4. Different blood tests.

Treatment (Conservative):

1. Rest and arm sealing or using an elbow bead.

2. Hot and cold sec – 10 minutes per hour.

3. Exercise to strengthen the muscles and stress.

4. Medical Therapy – SWD, UST.

5. Take a drug.

6. Local steroid injection.


If you are not good at Conservative treatment, you have to have surgery. If the shoulder is not treated for long periods of time, the shoulder muscles weaken, the shoulder becomes stiff and the joint is damaged by arthritis. So it is better to consult an experienced arthroscopy surgeon to avoid terrible damage. At present, the arthroscope is inserted into the shoulder through a small hole.

1. Decompression is done when joint space is reduced due to barriseanditis and arthritis.

2. Osteophyte is caused by osteoarthritis.

3. The shape, size of the body, is small or large and the position is determined and stitched by encore Sutter and attached to the bone.

4. Decompression and movement if calcium is frozen in the muscles or tendon.

5. Sometimes if you cannot stitch a small hole or small tear or a large hole, only decompressing will heal the patient. After the operation, the patient will recover quickly through regular rehabilitation. For shoulder muscle pain.

The role of the muscles in every joint or bone-sein movement in the human body is the main factor. Each muscle has a specific function or function. People can do healthy normal work as long as the muscles are strong. Muscles are also important in muscle formation.

The human body has a fixed or functional muscle mass, such as the muscles prescribed for breathing, muscles, the If a muscle cannot perform or decrease its prescribed function, then it is to be understood that there is a problem with the muscle. For each muscle strength assessment, there is a grading called the Oxford scale. This scale has to grade from 0 (zero) to 5 (five). If grading is five, you have to understand that the muscle is strong. If grading is less than five, you have to understand that there are different muscle problems in the condition.

And each muscle has a specific beginning and end, which means a specific muscle is where it started and where it ends. Usually, each muscle starts from a particular bone and ends up in another particular place or another bone. There are also small and small muscles in the muscles. Some muscles are too long, some muscles are too small. Some muscles are very flat-shaped, and some are very narrow.

Muscle pain is caused by various causes.

* If you lose muscle strength for some reason
* Excessive work or extra training can cause pain due to lack of energy.
* Muscle cramps or any other reason to get a muscle upset
* If you are brushing or sneezing in the muscles
* If the muscles are pulled or if the muscles are completely or partially torn because of an injury
* Various diseases also cause shoulder muscle pain, such as polymyalgia rheumatic, myofascial pain syndrome.
* Some diseases cause pain at certain points of the muscles, such as fibromyalgia syndrome.
* Different traumas or injuries, including bone or joint dislocation or subluxate, cause pain in the particular muscles.
* If the nerve supply is not available for stroke or various neurological reasons, the muscles become weak and weak.

You should take a lot of precautions to treat muscle pain. Only doctors who are well aware of the location, work, etc. should treat muscle pain. It is usually better not to use painkillers to treat muscle pain. Pain medication temporarily reduces pain, but muscle pain does not heal due to the lack of muscle pain. Painkillers work mainly by inhibiting the production of prostaglandin.

Prostaglandin is responsible for swelling and pain in the body. Pain medication does not allow the body to produce prostaglandin from cyclo oxygen. It does not feel pain. Pain medication can only reduce the pain of the muscles temporarily but can be removed from all the causes such as muscle pain, loss of strength, partial muscle or complete rupture. So the general treatment of shoulder muscle pain does not help.

To treat muscle pain, a specialist physiotherapy doctor should be consulted. Because only physiotherapists can determine the exact location of each muscle and whether there is a triad. If the strength of the muscles is reduced, the strength of the muscles is reduced by a stringent technique, which is used to treat various types of stretching exercises, muscle tendons, dtf, and ultrasound, etc.

The treatment varies according to the duration of muscle pain and the reason. Patients can sit at home and get first aid for any muscle pain. The physiotherapy treatment method for the primary treatment of muscular pain is
RICE R = Rest or rest, the patient should rest in the normal functioning

I = ICE massage for 5 to 5 minutes with a piece of ice or icing on the affected area.
C: Comesion or pressure-affected muscles tie with something tight and tie it.
E = Elevation or elevation, keep the affected area slightly higher than the heart level. So, take the rice technique for any muscle pain.

If you use the RICE technique for 7 to 10 days, if the pain does not subside, then you must consult an experienced physiotherapy graduate doctor for shoulder muscle pain and seek the right treatment.

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